Frequently Asked Questions - CallDoc

It’s really simple. Once you sign-up as a patient & fill all details, you will see all Doctors who are online. Choose a doctor & click on ‘Consult Now’ to start online consultation.

We have 24 Specialties as of now & hundreds of Specialist Doctors. You can use CallDoc for non-emergency medical condition. Our doctors assess your condition individually and based on factors including the severity of the illness, may need to refer you for in-person care and treatment.

CallDoc app is available for teleconsultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, even on holidays.

CallDoc is a mobile-based application and it cannot be accessed from Laptop/desktop. You can only use it on your Android or iOS device (mobile and tablets) after installing.

The call will remain in progress until you and the doctor have successfully concluded the consultation. In case you face any problem due to internet connectivity issues, you can click on ‘I am facing issues with the call’. Our Doctor will call you back and complete the consultation

We are committed to safeguard and protect all your personal information, including payment & medical information. We employ administrative, physical, and technical measures to safeguard and protect information under our control from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

CallDoc offers consultation for a wide range of chronic ailments with distinguished specialists and super-specialists from prominent hospitals providing secondary and tertiary health care services. All you have to do is to click on ‘Appointment for Specialists’ and navigate to the specialization you are interested in. You can seek your routine/follow up consultation with the specialist of your choice at your convenience.

Yes, you can. In case the specialist doctor is not available online, you can schedule an appointment. Whenever that doctor comes online, you will be notified and you can seek consultation.

CallDoc follows a transparent pricing policy. The consultation fee is mentioned in the App along with the doctor’s name, qualification, and specialty.

In case of a canceled appointment, user can utilize that money to talk to the next available doctor. Alternately, the user may submit a claim for a refund by emailing and providing a clear and specific reason for the refund request and the exact terms that have been violated. Whether a refund will be processed, is at the company’s sole discretion. All refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of purchase.

We are committed to providing every user with easy access to the highest quality of healthcare. We have a strong quality and feedback program. Please provide your feedback after the consultation. We will immediately look into the issue and resolve the same for future consultations.

You can mail us at for any information or query. Alternatively, you can also call us at +91-9810803197.

Yes, you can. If the doctor is providing free consultation, the same would be mentioned along with his/her name and credentials. Due to our various tie-ups with Government organizations some Doctors provide free consultation to help people in times of pandemic, but their availability needs to be checked on the App.

To provide your services, you need to register yourself on our App. We shall contact you and validate your credentials. Once validated, we will make your details visible to patients, so that they can connect with you through our app.

CallDoc has various collaborations & partnerships with Institutions and Governments. To know more about how we can join forces please mail us at or call us at +91-9810803197.

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