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5 Reasons to join CallDoc

No Geographic Boundaries

Get patients across the globe through online.

Strong Personal Branding

Create a strong visibility among patients.

Save Time
& Effort

Manage the follow-up visits of your patients.

Safeguard yourself

Avoid visiting crowded areas. Go Online.

Save Infra

Save cost on infrastructure & operations.

Our Solution for Clinics & Doctors

Solution for Clinics

Create an Exclusive Interface for your patients
at a nominal cost

  • Ideal for Single/Couple Doctor’s Clinic.
  • A link of CallDoc platform is provided which can be given to the patients for download.
  • On download, CallDoc App only shows the desired Clinic OR Doctor’s details.
  • The doctor is free to fix the fee.

Solution for Doctors

Empanel with us

  • Self-register as a Doctor.
  • Define your fee.
  • Validation of credentials by CallDoc.
  • Your profile is made visible to public & you are now good to go.

Our Solution for Hospitals

White labeling model

  • The App is made available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the hospital’s brand name.
  • Hospital promotes its own Teleconsultancy Platform.
  • Dashboard Management including Doctor addition/deletion/setting up doctor fee on App is done by hospital.
  • Payment structure is Onetime, recurring & pay per use.

Pay per use model

  • Hospital brings its doctors on CallDoc App & defines their fee.
  • Promotes the services internally & externally for its users to Teleconsult its doctors.
  • In this offering hospital will also get calls from patients that are coming to CallDoc platform globally, increasing horizon.
  • Platform & Dashboard Management including Doctor Onboarding is done by CallDoc.

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