In the advent of the ongoing crisis, the need of the hour is to remain fit and healthy. These days, we cannot go down the streets for a walk or visit a gym. Some of the people working from home these days have to sit in a chair, look at their devices for several hours at a stretch. But evidence shows that sitting at a position for long periods of time and standing continuously can have both physical and mental negative effects on the body. On the other hand, being physically active helps you stay fit and healthy, and reduce the chances of the above-mentioned diseases. Yet in order to remain fit and safe, you need to demonstrate some activity and put in ways to do that. Try these 10 simple but great ways to stay mentally and physically fit.

1. Take breaks during your work

Throughout the ongoing health crisis, most of the corporate workers have been working from home. Yet sitting at home and working for long hours during the day may have negative effects on your physical and mental health. Hampering the task in hand and putting wellbeing first here cannot be a valid choice for you. What do you have to do, then? What you need is short; regular breaks from your work and putting it into an activity that will help you stay safe and fit.

2. Drink sufficient quantities of water

Water is classed as the primary source of electricity. Whether you’re sitting at home or busy in your office, you should drink water regularly. This is the strongest source of antioxidants and helps revitalize the body, adding freshness to the mind. Science says you can drink a total of four liters of water each day. This helps you stay hydrated and healthy all day long and helps increase your metabolism. You should regularly drink at least two glasses of warm water in the morning to reap the advantages of this.

3. Take nutritious foods

Add in your, diet plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables to stay fit and healthy during the lockdown process. You should consume healthy green vegetables and fresh fruits, because you need to improve immunity to fight this pandemic. Start by adding into your diet, healthy superfoods such as garlic, lemon, tulsi and turmeric

4. Meditate

In the current panic and chaos scenario, all we need is some peace. What better way to rid oneself of stress if not through meditation? All you need to do is take some time off your busy schedule, sit in a relaxed and quiet space, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Let’s begin with just three simple steps:

a) Allow yourself rest and sit down for a few minutes.

b) Close your eyes and focus on breathing. Inhale, and then exhale. Take long, deep breaths and feel it gushing through your nose and making its way into your lungs.

c) Relax, take a deep breath, and set aside all worries.

During the lockout, meditation will certainly help you calm your mind and help you become stress-free.

5. A big ‘NO’ to outside food

For most employees staying outside their hometowns, ordering food from outside has become a necessity. Yet eating outside food can have adverse effects on your digestive system which can lead to issues such as obesity. In particular, despite the current health crisis, it is better not to order food from outside and instead cook at home to keep fit and safe and to protect yourself from contamination.

6. Rise up early

Waking up early can be good for both your physical and mental health. It will make you more involved and fill you up with positive energy. It is considered the most perfect time of the day for meditation and yoga. You need to go to bed early to wake up early and take a decent amount of sleep. If you want to lead a healthier life, incorporate this activity in your everyday routine. Keeping in mind the ongoing health epidemic, early waking up will make your body healthy and improve your immunity.

7. Improve your posture

We all know that we need to sit back at home and work during the lockdown but some of us do not understand the importance of correct posture while working. We tend to lie down and work on the bed but this can be harmful to your body. Early postural deformities can develop. Have you ever suffered back pain while operating for long periods? If so, maybe you’re not sitting in the right position. What do you have to do? Sit in a chair straight, and never lie down on the bed when you work.

8. Include Yoga in your lifestyle

Anxiety or tension normally activates the sympathetic nervous system that can have symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, tensed muscles, loss of focus, faster respiration. Yoga helps to calm it down. Yoga is a wonderful technique because the relaxing exercises help to relieve stress in the muscles and joints and this can help to calm the sympathetic system. Most yoga poses are good for controlling blood pressure thereby reducing anxiety.

9. Get a good night’s sleep

A regular sleep routine can keep stress at bay. If you stick to a routine you can fall asleep quicker and get better quality sleep. Try every day to go to sleep and wake up at around the same time. Switch off electronics at least one hour before bedtime; they emit blue light that interferes with melatonin, the hormone that helps you to sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try to drink herbal tea, take a hot bath or shower or write down any thoughts that will keep you tossing and turning around.

10. Stay Positive

Lastly, and most importantly, staying positive is the best way to stay fit mentally. Staying at home and going through an alarming COVID-19 calamity can cause stress and fear inside you. Yet maintaining calm and positivity is the need of the hour. Remember that history is full of instances of tough times and that people have evaded them effectively by keeping positive.

Certainly, these unprecedented times are hard but they don’t have to be a backlash to your physical and mental health. Taking these steps will help you feel your best and reduce your risk of catching up with any illness by boosting your immunity and confidence during these days of social distance.


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